About Torris D. Bay

Hi there, I’m Torris. Yes, my full name, Torris Dale Bay, shares the namesake of the more well known embayment in Scotland. No, I’ve never been there, but my parents did before I was born and it became the inspiration for my birth name. I’m sure I’ll make it there to visit one day.

In the meantime, I keep plugging away at life, which includes a typical office day job, wife, kids and probably an unhealthy obsession with our home – which, as you can see, is the reason for the blog. I’m definitely a homebody and I’m constantly tinkering around the house and hiring contractors to improve this or that. I figure I work hard all week, I want to come home to a place that feels pretty perfect (for me, at least). That means we always have new remodeling and decor projects underway. Since I’ve learned a lot about hiring contractors and even taking on plenty of DIY home projects myself, I figure it probably makes sense to share it somewhere publicly so others can learn from my self-proclaimed wisdom. Welcome to my blog.


Here for your entertainment,
Torris D. Bay