How Often to Professionally Clean Windows, Carpets and Air Ducts


Windows should be professionally cleaned every six months or so. The change of seasons is a good reminder to have this done.

I like to place a call to the window cleaning company in Elgin we usually work with on or around the first day of spring then usually set a date for a couple weeks out. This is a part of our annual spring cleaning. It is such a nice treat to have clean and clear windows just in time to watch all the flowers and plants bloom.

The other time of the year that we do this is just after Halloween. This is about the time we get all the patio furniture, lawn mower and other summer yard supplies stored for the winter. It is all just part of what I like to call our “packing it up” list of to do’s before the winter hits.


Generally you should clean your carpets in your home about every twelve to twenty four months. For the high traffic areas it should be more frequently around the twelve month mark. If you have pets or allergies you would also probably want to adhere to this time frame as well. Carpets can hold a lot of dander, dust and mites that unfortunately your regular vacuuming just does not remove.

If you are a regular at dusting, cleaning and vacuuming, you do not have pets, allergies or children, then twenty four months is what you should aim for.  You can easily schedule the cleanings less frequently. Keeping all of this in mind, if you do have a high traffic hallway or host dinner parties in your carpeted dining room then you may opt to at least rent a machine or have your own carpet shampooer to do those areas more often as needed.

Air Ducts

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association the recommended amount of time between regular cleanings should be between every three to five years. Like the guidelines listed for other home maintenance, this varies.

If you have an older home, pets or allergies you are probably going to want to schedule them  closer to the three year interval. If you do not have any of these things happening in your home it may be more realistic to wait about five years between services.

When you move into a home that is new to you, I would recommend doing this immediately. Not every owner is always on top of this and you have no idea how long it has been since they have done it. Many times when you move to a new home, service providers send flyers or contact you and often give discounts. Do a quick search of a few of the companies and read reviews to decide which seems like the best company for you.

These are all the guidelines provided by professional companies on regular service intervals. In the end you can assess your home best. If you are wanting to do things a bit more frequently because that adds to your comfort level then so be it. vel then so be it.