Inspiration for Organizing Your Overstuffed Entry Closet

Clearing out the clutter

The first thing that must be done is to pull out anything that has not been worn or used in the past month. Basically, if it is not seasonally appropriate it should be stored away until the time when it is. It is likely there are more items to be removed that may be appropriate for the weather but if they have not been worn it may be time to donate them. Toss all the things that are out of style or take care of things that need mending. Once all of that is gone, you will have an easier time weeding out more and really deciding what is essential.

Hang Time

Invest in a nice set of hangers. When all the hangers match and everything can be hung properly it’s easy to see everything and help to prevent overstuffing it. When all your hangers are full then you can not add more in without first subtracting some items. It’s a pretty simple but effective system.

Managing Multiples

Do you really need five umbrellas? Those old lawn mowing shoes? Chances are there are things you have multiples of and that many have seen better days. Some are just not favorites and may not get the love and use they should. Take the time now to toss those things that are past good use and pay it forward by donating the ones still in good condition.

Gear Storage

There may be plenty of important items that you actually use often, but do they really belong in your entryway closet? It is easy for this area to become a drop zone. One thing I have realized is, if I make a real home that makes sense for some items, then it is much easier to get in the habit of putting them away. I hung a few hooks on our garage wall and that is now where we store our gym bags and sports equipment. It is so much easier to leave it in the garage and let’s face it, probably better for things to air out in there rather than inside our home.

Shoe Storage

This seems like a no brainer but I am a big fan of just buying a good size shoe storage cabinet and sticking to it. This is just like the hanger system I talked about earlier. If each pair of shoes has a bin to go in then they have a home. It’s easier to keep the floor less cluttered if the shoes have a place. If you buy a new pair of shoes and there is no empty bin then you know it’s time to retire a pair of shoes.

Going all in

This may sound crazy but consider removing the doors from the closet. It can be an incredible way to increase ease of use and encourage your family to keep it clutter free. Sometimes  hanging a shelf or two can be a great addition. You can use the shelves to display artwork or a plant or even some hats. This can dress it up and help it to blend in with your home instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. If there is no way to hide it, you are more likely to keep it looking and functioning its best.