Multiple Ways to Store Kitchen Spices That Won’t Drive You Crazy

Our spice cabinet gets organized and then someone cooks and the system is basically all lost. I decided to research some better options so that hopefully one or a combination of these will help you to remain a bit sane.


Using drawers to store spices is a common favorite choice of many people. Depending on the depth of your drawers spices can be standing upright and have labels on the lids so that each spice is easily identified. They can be laying down so that the actual labels are visible as well. I think the drawer option is really ideal. Unfortunately, we do not have many drawers in our kitchen and we really can not utilize one for spices because we need the space for utensil storage.

Pull Out Spice Cabinet

If you are lucky enough to be building your home or even renovating your kitchen one thing to strongly consider building is a pull out spice cabinet. If you know the kind I’m referring to then you also know why. They are a dream, or so my wife says! If you don’t, it is basically a super skinny cabinet with a base that sits on sliding drawer tracks. The base has rods or thin wooden barriers on both sides so that when the cabinet is full of spices everything is easily visible from both sides. These types of cabinets are usually installed on either side of your stovetop so everything is nearby and easily accessible while cooking.

Lazy Susan Or Shelf In Cabinet

If the best spot you have available is a regular cabinet near the stove, do not fret. You can easily transform this into something more functional by using a tiered shelf or lazy susan. This can be purchased at most home goods stores. These are very helpful in giving all of your spices a home where the labels are more easily seen from the added height of the tiers. With a lazy susan, you can simply give it a turn and look through all of the spices without picking each one up or having to take multiples out to see the ones behind them.

Racks On Cabinet Door

If you have a tall cabinet or a pantry nearby, installing spice racks on the inside of the door is a great option. This keeps all of your spices visible and nothing hidden behind another spice. I also like this option because if you are installing many shelves you can group spices on each shelf in a way that is useful for your cooking style. For our family, we use garlic, onion, salt, pepper and cinnamon most frequently so those would all be on the top shelf for ease of use.

Wall Display Shelves

Similar to using spice racks inside a cabinet or pantry this can also be done on your wall. Obviously, in doing this it would be most visually appealing to have all spices stored in the same or similar jars or containers. There are premade spice racks that work just fine, but if you want to do something a bit more creative there are plenty of other options or hacks online.

Magnetic Strip And Bins On Oven Hood Or Backsplash

Another option that uses uniform containers and is visible are magnetic strips that house the frequently used spices. These can be attached to your stove hood or a backsplash. These are great  options for some people.

Hopefully you have found some great ideas about storing your spices so they aren’t continuing to drive you crazy.