The Proper Way to Design a Photo Frame Collage

This project is one of those where it has been quite a bit of a team effort. The wife wants to hang some pictures but does not feel the most confident in doing it alone. I bring the hammer, anchors and nails and we get to work. The first thing to think about when designing your collage is the space. Think about where you’ll be displaying the photos and the size and shape and most importantly height of the wall. Deciding how to arrange photos can often be overwhelming, there are many resources to visualize the options. Here are a few ideas to help guide you.

Large Spaces

Photos should not be hung too high above eye level. This being said, if you are hanging a large mural then the focal point of it should be near eye level. In large spaces with high ceilings it is often fun to make a statement and stick to one large meaningful photo.

Styled Rooms

If the space is already heavily decorated, full of furniture or has other focal pieces, you may want to limit the number of photos being displayed. For areas such as this I suggest sticking with two to four pieces total. A classic way to use four photographs is a simple evenly sized and evenly spaced layout of two over two.


If you are working in a stairway it’s important to fill the space, yet not overwhelm the area with photos that are too large. For this project I like to envision a top line about 5 feet above the top landing of the stairs. The first photo at the top of the stair should be hung at this level. Following the first photo, the others can then be staggered on an angle complementary to the stairs. One simple way to do this is by using an eight by ten photo followed by two five by seven photos then another eight by ten and continue the pattern.

Mixed Collage wall

If you are interested in doing a mixed collage wall using not only photos or canvases but also decorative pieces this is just as easily done. To make this simple we usually try to stick to a common theme or color scheme. In the bedroom we decided to use only black and white photos and all frames are mixed metallics. To keep within the color scheme we added some gold and silver metal decor as well as a few other significant small details. We staggered the vertical and horizontal photos and also tried to stagger large pieces with small.


When all else fails we just lay them out on the floor and play with the arrangement. By doing this you can take your time to really see what looks best and fits in your space. Also taking photos of the arrangement and different ways you style it can be really helpful. If you are able to quickly compare all the options you can feel more confident about which is the perfect layout for your wall. Happy hanging!